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ANF works with girls at a young age to encourage them to stay in school ( 6-9th grades) by exposuring them to women role models and experts that encourage them to pursue the STEM fields.
As an organization we work to support them also thru tutoring ( maths and English) in the early grades in our 3 years Educate to Empower ( EtE) program.


In rural areas, adolescent girls have limited access to life-skills education, reproductive health services, proper menstrual hygiene or information about HIV prevention.

Collaboration with local health, experts, and development partners have been key in giving the young ladies the necessary support and enable us as an organization to work in an inclusive environment for all.


When gender stereotypes are supported in learning environments, it has a negative impact on girls’ academic performances.

We consistently work with the young ladies, to build their confidence in themselves, but also to make sure they are aware of their rights and responsibilities.


We work with girls at a young age to instill them with a change maker mindset of being the change they want to see early in life so they can impact their communities positively and have professional goals early.


This aspect is key in the professional development of the young ladies, and this can be seen with interaction and opportunities that are created for them to network with local role models their data coaches and encouraging them to build strong relationship with female lesders in their families and in close Healthy New York limited provide communities.


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