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 ANF’S goal is to empower African girls/women through health, education, sports and mentorship. 

ANF’s impact will continue to grow: we need your support to keep touching  girls/women lives positively with our 4 Programs.

1. Keep HER Moving

Women and girls to get more educated about  the benefits of  sports  (basketball & martial arts ). Health & leadership seminars will be done to  encourage more sports participation earlier in life, this  close to home  and in more secure spaces  (neighborhoods & schools). The objective being to  get our  girls  healthier  and more confident early. 

2. Women Empowerment camps (WEC) 

The WEC  works to help in the early growth of female leaders thru role modeling during team sport participation.  WEC  will also engage other youth across Africa & the rest of the world through  partnerships with other organizations that have  similar  values of: mutual respect, cross-cultural understanding & gender equality. 

3. Educate to Empower (EtE)

EtE aim is to encourage girls at a very young age to join existing programs and start identifying and developing their leadership traits early (Academic support in STEM/English  & vital lifeskills

4. Raising the Bar

 This work will be geared towards Improving the environment in our public schools, it will contribute in making select schools in need more adapted  to long hours for students and teachers  (8AM-6PM)  with access to water, sanitized girls  bathrooms, shaded spaces to rest and areas for more girls to keep and stay active (basketball courts and  martial arts in schools & neighborhoods). 

 Impact to date thru WEC :

 8 basketball camps in 3 African countries:

 2018 Senegal: 250 girls

2019 Senegal: 200 girls  

 2019 Burkina Fasso: 100 girls

 2021: Ivory Coast 70 girls (2 more regions to reach)

2022-2024: reach 1000+ African girls